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What is the general size and height standard of kindergarten tables and chairs
Kindergarten life and educational activities facilities and equipment mainly include education and teaching equipment, play teaching aids and game fitness equipment, books, office supplies, life equipment and so on. Shandong Houpu introduces the general size and height of tables and chairs in kindergartens. According to relevant standards and specifications, kindergarten children's desks and chairs should comply with "School Desks and Chairs Functional Size Standard" GB/T3976.
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What materials need to be put in the kindergarten children's performance game area
Performance games refer to games that reproduce the content of literary and artistic works by playing roles in literary and artistic works, and are creative games. The performance games are very popular among kindergarten children. In the performance game, children can give full play to their imagination and creation, strive to create a happy and lively atmosphere, interact with their peers, and get a happy experience. What materials are needed for the kindergarten performance play area?
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How to carry out the activity of sorting out the schoolbag cabinets of kindergarten students
The great Chinese writer Ba Jin once said: "Children's successful education starts with the cultivation of good habits." Habits have a very important meaning for one's life, and good habits can benefit one's life. The large class is the turning point for kindergarten to enter elementary school, and is a critical period for the cultivation of good habits. The cultivation of good habits is infiltrated into all aspects of daily life. In order to cultivate good living habits for children, kindergartens can carry out the "journey of organizing schoolbag cabinets" Teaching activities.
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How do kindergarten teachers clean and disinfect toy cabinets every week
Kindergarten toys are the basic guarantee for normal education and teaching activities, and can promote the healthy development of children's body, intelligence, emotion and emotion. Kindergarten teachers should put all kinds of toy materials on the open toy racks in categories, so that children can see and get them, make it easy to choose, use, put and organize them, and give full play to their educational functions.
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Jiansheng Education ESCO at the 78th China Education Equipment Exhibition CEEIA New Product Launch Conference
From October 23rd to 25th, 2020, the 78th China Educational Equipment Exhibition, sponsored by China Educational Equipment Industry Association and undertaken by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, will be held in Chongqing. The three-day exhibition will host 18 conferences, forums, and new product launches organized by the company itself. Jiansheng Education will display and introduce new products at this new product launch conference.
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Congratulations on the successful launch of EDUFUN's official website!
In order to meet the needs of the company's development, establish the company's image, satisfy customers to understand the company's products through the Internet, and provide customers with a better online service, our official website is grandly launched!
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Multi-purpose European Beech
The term multipurpose is the most commonly used term to describe European beech. This kind of wood has always been the mainstream wood in the European market, and it has recently become popular in the US market. European beech can be used in various products, including furniture, derailment, interior decoration, stairs, flooring, veneers, plywood, pianos, toys and tools.
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2017 China Preschool Education Data
In 2017, according to official data from the Ministry of Education of China, there were 255,000 kindergartens nationwide, an increase of 15,100 or 6.31% over the previous year. 19,379,500 children enrolled in pre-school education, an increase of 158,700 over the previous year, an increase of 0.83%;
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What are the characteristics of children's homes?
With the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of consumption and product requirements have also increased. Product classification is also a major change in the face of market demand. Children's furniture is an important classification in the furniture market. Nowadays, most parents will help their children. Buying a set of children's furniture, children's furniture is generally different from ordinary furniture in life, then, what are the characteristics of children's furniture?
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Ministry of Education Notice: The "5+2" model will be fully implemented this fall, and the double reduction policy will start soon
Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice stating that the “5+2” model will be fully implemented in the compulsory education stage in primary and secondary schools across the country starting from the start of school this fall, and the double reduction policy will soon be fully rolled out and implemented.
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