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ESCO Training desks and chairs with handwriting board

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ESCO Creative free combination of school desks and chairs

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Flexo Children's lockers with boxes can be customized student supplies storage cabinets

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UItimateN cabinet

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In 2015, a number of architects, interior designers, educators, product designers, and furniture manufacturers met together and joined forces to become what would later be known as the esco® team.

The esco® Essential 10 concept:1. Embody modern teaching and learning strategies2. Improve learning effectiveness3. Maximize the utilization of educational buildings through extended learning beyond the classroom4. Provide learning environment solutions for every level of education, as well as mixed-age learning environments.5. Provide flexible solutions that can be adapted to various curriculums and learning needs6. Merge informal and formal learning spaces7. Enable active learning8. Stimulate face-to-face interactions9. Expand peer-to-peer and group learning options10. Foster individual and self-learning

About ESCO

       —— Creating Better Learning Environments

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Jiansheng Education ESCO at the 78th China Education Equipment Exhibition CEEIA New Product Launch Conference
From October 23rd to 25th, 2020, the 78th China Educational Equipment Exhibition, hosted by China Educational Equipment Industry Association and undertaken by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, will be held in Chongqing. The 3-day exhibition will host 18 conferences, forums and new product launches organized by the company itself. Jiansheng Education will display and introduce new products at this new product launch conference.
European Beech wood
Versatility is the one word most often used when describing the uses for European beech. This wood has been a staple lumber for the European market and recently has found growing popularity in the Ame
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The new esco® shell, ergonomically designed for healthier students,productive classrooms, and happy learning environments. Sturdy to withstand student adventures,yet light-weight for quick and easy mobility, the new esco® shell astounds.
esco® Flexus Tables creative designs, creative minds, creative learning spaces, infinite creativity.
Another new design, new shape coming from user requirements, In sturdy tube structure based on heavy duty lockable casters, both sides had book racks to easy save and use while lecture time. The convenient grip hole in the seat back makes maneuvering this chair even easier, Robust shell surface resists scratches and is easy to clean of.

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