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FromGermanyKindergartenspacesolution EDUFUNadvocatestheuseofmoreflexibletablesinmodernchildren'steachingspacetomakethewholespacemoreuseful,morecombinatoriallearningcharacteristics,andmoreaesthetic.Wit
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From Germany

Kindergarten space solution


EDUFUN advocates the use of more flexible tables in modern children's teaching space to make the whole space more useful, more combinatorial learning characteristics, and more aesthetic. With EDUFUN's locker system and chairs, it enhances the functionality and composability of learning space. Collaborative learning is being accepted and widely promoted by more and more educational institutions / schools / teachers. EDUFUN as an important advocate, in its products to reflect this trend of teaching, making an important contribution to the industry.



Kindergarten space solution


We provide you with a full range of pre-school and kindergarten education space solutions including furniture for a variety of spaces.
Children's learning and playing environment is very important for their learning. Therefore, providing them with practical, appropriate and comfortable design of kindergarten furniture for this stage of learning is self-evident. The modular design from the German design team makes it easy for kindergartens to set up different parts of the space. EDUFUN colorful durable design features and ergonomic design concepts allow children to sit in a correct and healthy position to ensure a safe and fun learning space. EDUFUN introduced German design concepts to thousands of kindergartens at very competitive prices.
In EDUFUN, you can choose all the furniture you need in your kindergarten, including chairs, tables, lockers, reading areas, play areas, role playing areas, sofa stools, etc.
Based in Germany, manufactured in Egypt with lower labor costs, EDUFUN is a global brand with branches or offices in Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Germany and China.


The table is made of MDF sheet, HPL fire resistant surface and ABS edge.


As an important component of table stability and safety, EDUFUN also provides more functions and options. These designers are more aesthetic and more textured.
Material: EDUFUN legs system includes wood, steel, plastic as the main material, while part of the lifting and removable function.


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