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Characteristics of children's furniture materials


Characteristics of children's furniture materials

2018/10/10 14:34
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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards in recent years, home life is also constantly improving, and children's furniture has also received more and more attention. In addition ..

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards in recent years, home life is also constantly improving, and children's furniture has also received more and more attention. In addition to manufacturers specializing in the production of children's furniture, major brands have also developed children's series. The market competition has also become fierce. From the spelling of materials, spelling and finishing, the styling gradually turns to the culture and the experience. Consumers have also begun to pay attention to environmental health, design and branding by simply paying attention to prices. But no matter how competitive, the material that plays a decisive role in price and environmental protection is still the first consideration for consumers. From the current children's furniture market, it can be basically divided into four types of products: plate, plank, pine, hardwood, etc. Today, we will come to understand the characteristics of these four types of children's furniture.


Pine furniture, thick material, single color

Pine is the most common material for children's furniture. Because of its relative environmental protection and high cost performance, it has a certain market share. Since many companies want to make a fuss about the raw materials of pine wood and carry out different positioning, there are many kinds of pines. Brazilian pine, Chilean pine, Finnish pine, New Zealand pine, Nordic pine, and Russian scotch pine all hope to pass the materials. Differentiation wins a certain market share. The current children's furniture market is also developed from the brightly colored panel furniture to pine furniture with environmental protection as its selling point and colored solid wood furniture designed to cater to children's psychology. Most of the pine products work hard on the thick and full materials, but the monotonous color and design are difficult to meet the child's childlike aesthetics to a certain extent. Later, parents need to fill the color through colorful background walls or soft decorations. defect.


Panel furniture, cost-effective, fully functional

Panel furniture has always been a cost-effective route and a functionalist route, including the use of space and DIY, the color and shape are relatively rich, more attractive to parents and children. Parents who choose panel furniture are most concerned about the environmental protection index of the product. The choice of panel furniture can not be tempted by price, but should pay more attention to the environmental protection of materials and processes. The easiest way is to choose a brand that is at ease. Big brands will be more cautious and careful in the selection and production process.


Board and wood combination save material, not easy to deform

Banmu combined with children's furniture occupies a major share of the mid- to high-end market. Generally speaking, the frame structure of the table top, the table (chair) legs, the door frame and the like are made of solid wood, and the side panels, the bottom, the top, the partition and the like are made of artificial boards (the density board, the particle board, etc. are all the wood-based boards). The combination of wood and wood furniture should be the most advantageous furniture in solid wood furniture, which saves wood and reduces costs. The most important thing is that it solves the fatal injury of all-solid wood furniture easily deformed, and has the flexibility of the panel furniture. It can be said that it takes into account the advantages of all solid wood furniture and panel furniture, and avoids their shortcomings. At present, many products with solid wood furniture are actually furniture combined with wood and wood. According to national regulations, 70% of furniture components can be called solid wood furniture. Consumers should pay attention to the environmental protection of another 30% of materials.


Hardwood furniture is currently the highest quality among children's furniture, and the emphasis is on cultural concepts and spiritual feelings. Hardwood children's furniture is generally equipped with environmentally friendly water-based paint, natural return, showing the simplicity of not mixing any distracting thoughts, so that the child's life returns to the original; pure hand-carved, with exquisite bronze handle, the delicate color is rendered in the details; the rustic color The nostalgic atmosphere, unrestrained country life, let the children linger on; the simple, bright and elegant appearance, showing a low-key, let the children's happiness bloom in silence. The price of hardwood children's furniture represented by Dreams, Beauty County, etc. in the market is relatively high, and it is suitable for children's bedrooms with high-end configuration. Experts have warned that such furniture is generally conservative in style due to its high price. Since the child's body has been growing, some of the furniture needs to be constantly adjusted, and the investment in purchasing such furniture is large.