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Company Profile

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Since 1987, EDUFUN from Germany has provided you with a full range of solutions for pre-school and kindergarten education spaces, including furniture for all spaces.



The environment in which children learn and play is critical to their learning impact. Therefore, it is self-evident that the kindergarten furniture that provides them with practical, suitable and comfortable design is of importance to this stage of learning. The modular design from the German design team allows the kindergarten to easily set up different local spaces.

EDUFUN's colorful, durable design features and ergonomic design make it possible for children to ensure a safe and fun learning space with the right and healthy sitting posture. EDUFUN brings the German design concept to thousands of kindergartens at very competitive prices.

At EDUFUN, you can choose all the furniture you need for your kindergarten including chairs, tables, lockers, reading areas, play areas, role playing areas, sofa ottoms and more. Based in Germany, it is manufactured in Egypt with low labor costs. EDUFUN is a global brand with branches or offices in Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Germany and China.


Designed for you:

Founded in 1987, EDUFUN R & D and design team, based in Germany, adhering to the European simple and durable design style, has been committed to providing world-class design of kindergarten furniture products, including product raw material selection, ergonomic design research and the use of new environmentally friendly materials. etc. The main staff of the R&D team consists of designers from Germany, Dubai, Egypt, Italy and other countries with rich experience in R&D and design of educational furniture. As a multinational design team, EDUFUN products highly demonstrate the design philosophy of European educational furniture.


China Branch:

EDUFUN China Branch is a team jointly established by Zhangzhou Jianye Furniture Co., Ltd. and overseas headquarters. Zhangzhou Jianye, as a professional researcher, manufacturer and exporter of school desk furniture, insists on differentiation in the field of school furniture, and has cultivated the market. It has become China's leading industry enterprise. Based on the desk and chair business and sales experience network, Jianye Furniture actively introduces EDUFUN, an overseas advanced kindergarten furniture brand, to bring a different teaching environment to the vast number of consumers and kindergarten children in China. EDUFUN children's furniture focuses on the design concept of nature's wood color, which is more natural and environmentally friendly. It is more in line with the improvement of children's learning efficiency, so that children can focus more on the classroom.


Adhering to the corporate development philosophy of “re-commitment, efficiency, and persistence”, EDUFUN China is willing to work with Chinese education practitioners to further enhance China's educational environment.



Company Profile