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Designer introduction

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Designer introduction

AE (TOM) is an interior designer who takes pride in his ability to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life. With over two decades of experience in the industry, he has developed a keen eye for creating awe-inspiring surroundings. TOM is also adept in finding creative ways to help budget-conscious clients design their dream spaces.

TOM’s mission is creating interiors with a fresh perspective that uniquely reflect the client’s personality and desires. His designs produce original results that keep the client’s needs and vision a priority. The result enables each individual’s style to emerge into a design that will inspire and promote their well-being. TOM’s detail-oriented, client-focused approach makes his flexible and fun to work with. Experienced in both traditional and contemporary interiors, TOM is able to translate any style to satisfy the desires of an assortment of different clients. His personal design style consists of a balance of natural, vintage and modern materials and décor.

TOM equiped a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and a minor in Art beside eMBA. Outside of design, he enjoys hiking, traveling, live music, crafts and scouring antique, and vintage.




With a career spanning more than 20 years in the ID industry, Tom has developed a passion for delivering high quality, detailed and sophisticated interior design.

Tom has an extensive portfolio of projects and experience with expertise in a variety of commercial and recreational buildings, building renewal, workspace and residential projects interfaced with ideation to interior lighting design.

He has worked in Cairo, Dubai, Sharajah, Paris, Rome, Antalia, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Nurmberg, Hannover, Shenzhen, Oman, Beijing, Jeddah, Foshan, Moscow, Alexandria, Xiamen & xingjiang.

Tom is a passionate mentor offering years of expertise sharing knowledge to emerging practice personal for professional development and self-betterment providing an important platform to SPACE Interiors (SPECIALISED AREA CREATION & ENHANCING).





Designer introduction